I do not want to spend too much time writing about me, as I rather want you to spend time reading some of the blogs. But I thought it may be helpful to share with you some of my background, as it may help you understand where some of my perspectives, ideas, and potential biases are coming from.

I was born in mid-80s in a small country in Central Europe to a lower income, but educated and loving family. I had a happy childhood, well balanced between work (study) and play. As I was growing older, the mix has started shifting towards work – from a combination of some health problems and an increasingly stronger motivation to see what is behind the boundaries of our small village.

When I was 10 years old, I met a person, an older American gentleman, who, excluding my parents, was the most influential person in my life. For the next 20 years until he died, he became my mentor, sponsor for my education, and a true friend. He has never asked for anything in return. But I made a commitment that I will try to serve as a mentor and help others to the extent I can.

I completed my undergraduate degree with majors in business and economics at a university in Central Europe. During my education, I supported myself through numerous internships and discovered my strong interest in finance. My first job was in consulting, with McKinsey & Company, in their corporate finance practice. I worked on projects in different sectors across multiple countries in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. After 3 years, I was sent to do my MBA, which I completed at INSEAD in France and Singapore. During business school, I interned and subsequently joined Goldman Sachs in London, in their tech/telecom/media (TMT) mergers & acquisitions (M&A) team. After about a year, I successfully transitioned to my current role at a leading private equity fund, where I focus on investing in large companies in the TMT sector. I spent slightly more than 4 years in London, and then went on a mobility assignment to our office in silicon valley, where I am currently based.

On a personal note, I am happily married to my elementary school sweetheart and a father of a 1.5-year old daughter. I enjoy running, trekking, reading, drawing, psychology (and hopefully soon also blogging!).
December 2016