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This is my first blog in life, or better, an attempt for one. I will try to cover topics I wanted to learn about (or should have wanted to know about, but didn’t know they existed or mattered) when I was younger. The aim is not to be comprehensive or prescriptive; the goal is to be helpful, and sometimes maybe controversial to stir thinking and debate.

The blog is primarily aimed at high school students pondering their next steps after high school; university students preparing for their first job; and young professionals building their early career (age ~16-25). I will try to cover topics such as education, career, work-life balance, and anything else that may be interesting or potentially relevant.

I will try to keep blogs as succinct as possible – no need to write two pages, if the main message can be written in two paragraphs and save both your and my time. I wish business book bestsellers (esp. the ones from the NY Times bestseller list) followed the same approach. I will include links/references wherever appropriate so you can learn more if you wish so.

I welcome your feedback and encourage you to post comments, and links to other blogs/articles/sources, as you can contribute as much, if not more, as you take away.