MBTI – personality profiling

MBTI is a useful psychological tool for better understanding yourself and people around you. It describes people’s inner preferences and personal characteristics, which help one better appreciate other people’s behavior and actions. It is naturally a bit simplistic (as people’s personalities are much more complex to fit into a handy framework) and has its deficiencies, but I have found it a helpful starting point and you may too.

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How to Do What You Love (Paul Graham)

I wanted to write a blog on how important it is to do what you like (or love, if you are lucky) – because only in those jobs/ activities, you can really excel and be happy long-term.

Then, I came across this blog from Paul Graham (founder of Y Combinator, probably the most successful incubator in the silicon valley / the world?, and previously Viaweb, sold to Yahoo) and he captured it better than I ever could. So in the spirit of not reinventing the wheel, I re-paste his blog below and the original (plus many other great blogs) can be found at his website: http://www.paulgraham.com/articles.html

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